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“She” was Faithful, Indeed!

By Debbie Christopher ~~I was so excited Thursday when we first saw our new car baby unloaded at the dealership. "She" was BEAUTIFUL, and I tried not to shed that happy tear!

Then, on Friday, as I ran my last few errands in our dear Rendezvous, my eyes leaked in "her" honor. It was the last time I would pick up groceries in a red car... Isn't it funny how the little things trigger our emotions?

As I sat there waiting for my groceries to be brought out, I 'ran' through all the memories "she" had brought to our family.

"She" showed up when we needed "her" most back in 2010 and hung around for 7-8 years after being paid off. "She" was faithful for 252,000 miles. Yes, "she" was faithful, indeed.

"She" took the Grands and us on many excursions to Branson...including 'winning' all the 'car races' on the Ozark Mountain Highway (of course we had lapped all the cars in front of us!).

In 2012, "she" faithfully took us across the country to visit Sharon's and hubby's new home...and all the National Parks and sights in between...What a glorious trip that was!

Let's add the sweet trips to visit parents and siblings in Ohio, our many trips to Bolivar when we served on church staff, our granddaughter's excitement when she first rode in the third seat BY HERSELF, 12 years of car-line at Wanda Gray, McBride, Wilson's Creek, and Kickapoo, numerous ball games and game road trips, a couple of quick trips to Dallas---including The State Fair of Texas, our eldest Grand driving "her" on his permit (a dream I'd had since the day we bought "her"), delivering me safely to and from work before retirement and taking me randomly around town afterwards, all our trips down Kansas Expressway (which isn't an expressway!) as we serve at our current church, and, I'm sure, many, many little things that don't come to mind at the moment..(aren't you glad?!) I'm wondering if I'll add to this list before I click 'publish'? Yes, I added one.

I've jokingly referred to "her" faithfulness...but it all stems back to God's faithfulness...HIS faithfulness, indeed!

Here's a picture of our new car baby...another blessing from our Heavenly Father...and another list of sweet memories in the making.

Faithful indeed!


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