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    This blog is a mother--daughter endeavor!


To read the full story of how Bumps Are Okay came to be, you can read this article.

~About Sharon (The Daughter):

   My husband and I have two children, a boy and a girl. Teaching is one of my favorite things to do! I homeschool our kiddos and am thankful for my husband being our tech guy. I currently work in my church's children's ministry and enjoy teaching children biblical truth. I also enjoy working in ladies' ministry and have had the opportunity to teach in several ladies' retreats. 

    Teaching is wonderful, but I am mostly passionate about God's both the good and the bad times. This blog is designed to encourage Christians, as its emphasis is on God's goodness in life, no matter how bumpy it gets!

   After a car accident (a literal bump!), I published a book with my physical therapist about this very topic! It is called Core: Biblical Principles for When Life Gets Bumpy. Thanks to my own kiddos, I then published a children's version using monster trucks! It is called Bumps Are Okay for KIDS and Other Biblical Lessons Learned from Monster Trucks! Details can be viewed by clicking here or on the "Book and Bio" tab above.

~About Debbie (The Mom):

   Hello! I’m Debbie Christopher, and I’m so excited to be joining Sharon in this venture. It is our goal to challenge and encourage you as you travel along life’s journey.... and deal with the ‘bumps’ (and road construction zones!) along the way.   

   I have been married to my wonderful husband since 1977. We have been blessed with two children who have grown up to be be loving and godly adults with their awesome spouses, and they have blessed us with 5 most amazing grandkids!

   I am a retired educator and am currently grandmothering  and pursuing my writing dreams. I taught early elementary grades at Christian schools in Texas and Missouri for 27 years, served as Director of a childcare center, and served for 5 years as an instructor at Baptist Bible College (Springfield, Mo) in both the Education and Church Ministry departments. I have authored LightThoughts blog and have written and presented several Bible lessons and devotions to ladies from our churches in Springfield, and formerly, in Bolivar, Mo. I have also led Children’s ministries, prepared VBS materials, and served as an AWANA Commander.  


And, last, but not least, we, like you, have experienced ‘road construction zones’ and ‘speed bumps’ along the way...

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