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Faith-Based Books

The following books are similar in theme. They were written to encourage readers to trust God, even when life gets bumpy! The first book can be used as an adult Bible study or for individual edification, and the second is geared for children/families.

Book's Description:

"In Core: Biblical Principles for When Life Gets Bumpy, Sharon Czerwien and Kelly Dean will share a clear understanding of what is core in life. The reader will be rightfully intrigued by Kelly Dean's explanation of the physical core and its purposes. Sharon Czerwien will correlate these fascinating physical core principles to one's spiritual core. The reader will be practically led through 5 key principles to help bring spiritual health and stability, while maneuvering the twists and turns of this extraordinarily bumpy life!"

*12 STEM-Based Monster Truck Facts


*12 Bible Takeaways


*12 Child-Geared Biblical Applications


Sharon received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (2005) and later her Master of Arts in Church Ministry (2008) from Baptist Bible College and Graduate School (now Mission University). Sharon's area of concentration in her MA program was Biblical Counseling. Sharon's graduate courses positively impacted her life and challenged her in the area of the heart, spiritual growth, and God's sovereign plan. God's grace has allowed Sharon to have opportunities to share about the goodness of God in the middle of life's bumps (or trials). She was an adjunct faculty member at Baptist Bible College (2006-2014). She has co-led and taught in several ladies' retreats. In December of 2020, she created this blog, Bumps Are Okay, with her mom. Sharon enjoys teaching her two tween-aged children and is thankful for her husband being the prized technological and artistic tool in the family's homeschooling toolbox! 

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