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Bumps Are Okay (Yes, Even for KIDS!)

~By Sharon Czerwien

I am very excited to share that my children’s book, Bumps Are Okay for KIDS and Other Biblical Lessons Learned from Monster Trucks! launches in just two days!

With this book, my heart’s desire is to share with families—and specifically children—that God can be trusted AND that bumps are okay.

Monster trucks and Bible analogies come to the forefront to help teach children that God can be trusted, even when life gets bumpy.

I can genuinely say that God allowed this book to be! HE opened doors and opportunities that I could have never imagined. I am praying that children’s hearts can be encouraged through specific Bible truth, with a good dose of monster-truck loving fun thrown into the process!

Back Cover

Here is part of the book’s back cover:

Bumps Are Okay for KIDS is a uniquely balanced mix of STEM-based monster truck facts and faith-based applications for children. In this book, Sharon Czerwien uses monster trucks as the main analogy to teach twelve biblical lessons for when life gets bumpy. In this book, award-winning Monster Jam driver, Brianna Mahon, shares fascinating monster truck facts.

This book includes:

• Intriguing monster truck facts

• Child-friendly spiritual analogies

• Specific life application examples (application questions included)

I am not pushing sales! I truly desire, though, that the monster truck analogies and Bible applications reach into the hearts of the children and families who do read this book.

If you know of any youth groups or families who may benefit from this book (through the use of Bible studies, etc.), the publisher offers a substantial discount on group orders. An ebook is also available for a very reasonable price.

Driving Points and Bible Analogies:

Here are the 12 Driving Points and Bible Analogies in the book:

Driving Point #1

Monster truck drivers must agree that bumps are okay!

God has a purpose for your bumps!

Driving Point #2

Monster trucks need a good suspension system to properly bounce and operate on their bumpy rides.

A spiritual suspension system is necessary to survive your life’s bumps!

Driving Point #3

Monster trucks have a sturdy and strong frame to survive the bumps.

The Bible is the important spiritual frame to handle your bumps!

Driving Point #4

Monster trucks do not have fully aired-up tires.

There are shocking “WOAH moments” in life—just like with the deflated-looking monster truck tires.

Driving Point #5

Monster truck drivers must persevere.

There is a need to persevere in the middle of life’s bumps.

Driving Point #6

Monster trucks can be jolting and dizzying.

Life can be jolting and dizzying at times! Remember Who is always with you.

Driving Point #7

Monster truck drivers must submit to the track officials.

There are important “track officials” who have authority in your life.

Driving Point #8

Monster truck drivers need help from other experts.

God has placed needed “experts” in your life.

Driving Point #9

Monster truck drivers must be prepared.

Spiritual preparation and armor are both necessary to deal with spiritual temptations.

Driving Point #10

Monster trucks are built from lightweight parts.

When you feel weighed down with stress, cast your worries to God!

Driving Point #11

Monster truck seats are fit specifically to the driver.

Remember to make the Bible be at home in your heart.

Driving Point #12

Monster trucks sometimes get dirty and messed up!

Even when you get spiritually dirty and messed up, God can forgive you and use you again!


Here is a takeaway for all Christians:

Let’s remember to increase our faith and trust God, even when life gets bumpy!

~Drive easy,



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Debbie Christopher
Debbie Christopher
Oct 16, 2022

So very excited! Proud Momma!❤️

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Oct 16, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, mom! 😊

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