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Debbie’s Word for 2023

~~By Debbie Christopher...As we enter the new year of 2023, I'd like to introduce my new word for the year. But, first you'll have to 'endure' the introductory background before I reveal THE WORD... So, grab your cup of coffee, or, if you're like me, your glass of cold brew, and enjoy the journey!

I remember WAY back when my husband and I were dating---some 46-47 years ago! We were approaching 'getting serious' status, and I recall asking my mom these questions..."How do you KNOW when you're in love? How do you KNOW he's the one?"

I'll never forget her deep, profound answer. She simply stated, with a sneaky smile, "When you don't have to ask that question." Wow! What a reply! But, I never had to ask that question again---I knew!

Then, a generation later, our daughter (yes, Sharon!) asked me the same question, and I replied with the same answer. She never had to ask again!

But, without realizing it, similar questions arose during my husband's and my 3 year head-scratching, waiting journey a couple of years ago.

  • How do we know if a particular open door/stepping-stone is God's plan for us?

  • If there are multiple open doors, how do we know which open door we should choose?

  • How will we know if we're making the 'right' decision?

During a recent Bible Study, it hit me, as I looked back over that season of our lives, that the answer involved the same words of wisdom my mom shared all those many years ago...when the time came, we KNEW, and none of the above questions stood in the way. I will refer back to this Study down the road...

When you reach that point that you KNOW, you've 'experienced' my word....CLARITY. At that point in our open door and decision-making process, God gave us clarity... we understood how all the pieces fit...we had peace...and we KNEW!

You may be asking how one applies clarity. Often we feel we need to DO our word of the year, such as:

  • Be kind/Show kindness

  • Act on opportunities

  • Fulfill our purpose

  • Demonstrate confidence

  • Respond graciously

And the list could go on...but what verb can we attach to clarity so that we can check off that we 'DID' it?

Have you ever recognized God's hand in your circumstances and realized everything now made sense? Stay tuned for part two!

When you know, you know...


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1 Comment

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Jan 15, 2023

Clarity...very cool

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