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A Craft and a Book (Thanks, Jessica!)

Indeed, this will be a very different-than-usual post on Bumps Are Okay, but it regards two specific pieces of information for anyone who has children (or who works with children).

1. Neat & Simple Christmas Craft Idea

I am not overly-crafty, but my kiddos enjoy crafts. As a result, I am always thankful for clever (and easy-enough) ideas to do with them. My friend, Jessica, from my Bible college days has many fun seasonal craft ideas on her website,

There is a specific ornament craft that I fell in love with (for my own kiddos).

Click here for Jessica's full instructions. Jessica includes additional (and cute) details than what I show.

This project only involves a few materials in order to make cute Christmas ornaments that will last a lifetime. With my kiddos, I only used:

· acrylic paint

· ceramic ornament

· permanent marker

Children can dip their fingers in the paint to make the fingerprint body and/or head. They can then use paint or permanent markers to complete their "bodies" on the ornament.

The picture above shows my children’s completed ornaments.

(The craft store was out of ceramic stockings; so we had to purchase different ceramic ornaments than what Jessica’s blog post shows.)

Now, check out #2 below to see another piece of information for those who work with children.

2. Neat Children's Devotional

Jessica just finished her 1st book, and it is a neat children's devotional book about God and nature.

It is called, "God is in Nature! A KIDS DEVOTIONAL About His Awesome Creation."

Though the book is designed for children ages 6-10, my 'adult attention' was immediately grabbed on the first day (and beyond) of the devotion. I appreciate the 'out in nature' sections and the example prayers.

I purchased a copy for each of my kiddos, and they are pleased as can be that they each have one.

Thanks, Jessica, for the craft idea and important children's book.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas,



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Debbie Christopher
Debbie Christopher
Dec 12, 2021

Great tips!

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Dec 12, 2021
Replying to

It was a fun project for the kiddos! (Plus...they have enjoyed the book!)

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