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A New Olympic Sport for Mommas???

~By Sharon Czerwien

I do not know about you, but making it to the Olympics would be an IMPOSSIBLE feat for me! Few have ever made it to this Big Event.

Sorry for the following dramatic sarcasm, but perhaps there should be a new Olympic sport that many mommas could compete in.

(Don’t get me wrong, dads could certainly compete in such an event, but I can only speak for other mommas for how this type of event can be truly harrowing.)

Hear me out:

What about an Olympic competition called, Computer-Based Speed Registration for Children’s Activities???



While under immense time pressure, each momma must use finger agility (and recommended belly breaths) to efficiently and accurately push computer keys to register her child(ren) for one or more of the following: (1) swim lessons (2) dance lessons at the local community center (3) favored classes for the family’s homeschool co-op and/or (4) front row seats to a popular concert or popular sporting event.

Each momma may compete in one or all the speed-based competitions.


All ridiculous joking aside, I have experienced this type of real pressure regarding #1, #2 (ballet), and #3.

Many months ago, I had to be fast under pressure on several occasions to register my two children for YMCA swim lessons. Those spots go fast!

Whew, I have also experienced the pressure to register my children for their favored homeschool co-op classes. Especially for one of my kiddos, it was of upmost importance to get this child into classes of interest.

LEGO® class…cooking class, oh wow! These classes were like co-op *gold* for one of my children to get into. I literally had so much pressure to move through the above description of the proposed Olympic sport!

Okay, I will halt my seemingly silly outlook on computer registrations, and I will now get to my point.

The Point???

Regarding the co-op registration last time around, I really did pray that I could get my children into specific co-op classes. I (obviously) have never trained for the aforementioned registration event. Yet, I sure did watch the parental instructional video several times!

On the morning of registration, I realized I was thiiiiiiis close to making a really selfish prayer. I almost prayed that my Internet would be faster than the other mommas’ Internet. Oh my…

I quickly stopped myself and realized I should probably re-focus my prayer. I then prayed that if my children did not get into their favorite classes that they (and I) would have the strength to keep a good attitude.

Praise God, my children were able to get into all their first choices, and this momma's heart was grateful. However, I know this level of excitement may not happen every time. I hope that I will keep my prayer focus on proper responses to bumps in life versus getting my gold medal in Computer-Based Speed Registration for Children’s Activities.

Feel free to holler if you can think of a better name for this ridiculous Olympic sport idea.

~Breathe on,



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Debbie Christopher
Debbie Christopher
Aug 06, 2023

Funny to read, but definitely stressful to be involved in!

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Aug 06, 2023
Replying to

Agreed! 😅

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