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A Silly Open Letter to My Mom and Mother-In-Law

~By Sharon Czerwien

I always thought it would be neat to write an open letter (ha, not really, but here it goes!)…

Dear Mom and Mary,

Once again, I am afraid that your Mother’s Day card will be slightly late. I mailed it the same day I am writing this letter (Thursday). As history goes, the card will probably not get to you in that short amount of time. I do feel badly!

(BTW...if it did, for some reason, arrive on time, please do not tell me. I do not want to rewrite any of this blog, ha!)

The holiday always sneaks up on me. At least I was able to buy your card the day before mailing it, and bonus…your granddaughter reminded me that I needed to put a stamp on it!

The kids and I planned it all. We would do our morning thing inside the house and then put your card in the mailbox. Aaaah, yes, we did make it outside to play, but the mail had already arrived. How in the world is it possible that our mail arrived THAT early, compared to normal!!??

No worries, I was certain I’d get your card in the mail, even if it meant driving to the trusty Blue Box to mail it. After a few necessary steps, we did just that. We made it downstairs, and to the van, by 12:40 (too close to lunch!).

I pulled out of the driveway, and there was construction. No worries, I took the detour. Yet, it started to rain.

Sure, rain is not that big of a deal, considering I could easily drop off your card while we all stay in the van, right!? HOWEVER, we had to drop off some library books beforehand. There was no way that your precious grandson was going to be happy about returning our library books to the drop box while rain was hitting his head!

I decided it was best to drive back home and grab the rain jackets! There’s no reason to rock the peace boat! We were all happy to have our jackets.

Aaaah, yes, we were off again to accomplish our too-close-to-lunch endeavors. Back through the detour…no worries!

Library books dropped off---check!

The post office is not far away from the library, but one of your grandchildren had to, ya know…use the bathroom. Bummer! We had to expedite things a tad.

I arrived at the Blue Box.

Mom or Mary, one of your cards accidentally did not make it into the Blue Box the first time around! Somehow, I missed the slot. Oops. It was also a bummer that I pulled in preeeetty close to the Blue Box. I accidentally dinged the van door against the metal Blue Box (sorry, babe, it was just the plastic part by the window, not the main part of the van door).

That pink envelope, falling on the ground, did not stand a chance. I got that card in the Blue Box shortly after! Both cards are *definitely* in process now!

We made it home, no prob! (I won't mention the spider in the bathroom. That did not go well. No child would use that bathroom! Hahahaha and oh dear.)

Mom and Mary, only you two will fully appreciate this!

You are loved, cared for, and appreciated. I know that you have gone through all types of situations over the years…and all for the love of your family! My immediate family is the beneficiary of your love and hard work while raising your own kiddos!

Happy Mother’s Day. Your card is in the mail!

Her children rise up and call her blessed…

Proverbs 31:28a, NKJV


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2 commentaires

Jannette Malone
Jannette Malone
09 mai 2021

Well done. My moms & extra moms card is sitting in my van.

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
09 mai 2021
En réponse à

Hehehe, oh dear! I feel your pain!

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