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Prayers from the Porch Swing

By: Debbie Christopher...Are my 'back porch swing prayers' insignificant?

I love my back porch swing! I often refer to it as my ‘Think Swing’ as many of my writing thoughts ‘pop’ into my mind while I am sitting there, often just chatting with God. Matter of fact, it was a swing time that initiated this week's blog post.

As I sit there looking across the field that butts up to our back yard, I often engage in a moment of praise as I enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Sometimes, I use the opportunity to enter into a time of serious prayer for what may be considered a ‘war room’ request, and, ---sometimes---well sometimes, I just sit and chat with my Heavenly Father about seemingly silly or ‘insignificant' matters. I’m sure some of these conversations may cause God to ‘chuckle’, shake His head, and say, “Debbie, Debbie, Debbie”. But I know He is listening and has my best interest at heart.

So, the question is---

Do those ‘crazy’ and seemingly ‘insignificant’ prayer times waste God’s time? Do they frustrate Him…or cause Him to ‘roll His eyes’?

I think not...The encouraging words found in 1 Peter 5:7 reassure us that God cares for us and that we can cast ALL our cares upon Him. We can confidently talk to Him about ANYTHING that concerns us. Nothing is too silly, crazy, or insignificant to bring to our loving, caring, Heavenly Father!

Look at it this way. Does you your child…(your teen?) waste your time when he/she says, “Mom, may I talk to you about something kind of crazy?” Even if is necessary to say, “no”, are you not thrilled that he/she asked?! Just as you delight in this special time of conversation with your child, our Father, delights in those moments as well. He desires that we are honest with Him and that we are willing to ask or to just sit and chat.

For several summers a few years back, my husband and I would take our two eldest and local grands on an overnight trip to a nearby vacation spot. One year the weather was such that we had to make a last minute change of plans towards an indoor activity. We asked the kiddos what they would like to do. We were expecting that normal response, “Whatever you and Papa want to do….” But, after some whispering among the two of them, our eldest actually stammered, “Well,…Uh…if it’s okay….we would like to….could we…if it’s ok…go to the ‘believe it or not’ museum??”

WooHoo! We were so excited that they honestly shared with us regarding what they’d really like to do! God responds the same way when we honestly share our desires with Him…even if they seem insignificant or if we already anticipate a possible answer.

 That's where we went...and had a lovely time!

God doesn’t categorize or prioritize our requests according to some triage system. He desires that we simply and honestly come to Him, share our thoughts---even if they seem ‘crazy’, and just ask…even if we need to stammer a little.

We are also admonished in Philippians 4:6 to not be anxious or concerned by anything, “but in EVERYTHING, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God…” There is no such thing as an insignificant chat with our Heavenly Father!

He loves to hear, "Can we talk?"


And, as a perfect wrap-up to my original draft, the following even popped up on my Memories Page just 'yesterday' from two years ago:

I’m sitting on my back porch swing appreciating the beauty of this lovely October day—-thinking, praying, praising, dreaming, sighing, smiling....

I wonder if that was the day this blog thought 'popped' into my mind?


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This was beautifully written! I use a hammock but I’d love a porch swing. Thank you for the reminder that we can go to God with anything.

Debbie Christopher
Debbie Christopher

Thank you, Stephanie. Do you need me to drop a hint?😉


Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien

Ooooh, I love that- "God doesn’t categorize or prioritize our requests according to some triage system." All thoughts & prayers are equally important to Him!

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