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Profound Words From a Veteran

~By Sharon Czerwien

It’s Memorial Day Weekend—2023! It is somewhat of an awkward holiday to write about. I want to honor the military fallen, but I also do not want to interview someone who has lost a loved one from war. (I would not feel right to ask!)

Thankfully, I recently came across a screenshot I took over two years ago. This “find” made for an ah-ha moment to write about this weekend!

I received permission from Kathy Singleton to use her quotes from an old screenshot taken from her Facebook page.

Kathy is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. I am thankful for her service.

Here are parts of what she typed back in April of 2021:

“PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder used to define me. I have learned to redefine PTSD Praise Trust Serve Daily…I am learning VICTORY in my PTSD. This victory comes from THE LORD!!!!”

What a beautiful set of words! I am grateful for the sacrifice that all our Armed Forces have given for our great country. Yet, I also know that with this sacrifice brings hardship and pain.

I love Kathy’s perspective, though. She is willing to:





She recognizes God as her strength and peace in her difficult times.

For this Memorial Day, I want to share my appreciation for the military men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Also, thank you to Ms. Kathy for her creative thoughts on PTSD.

Check out the neat verse below!


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