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The Joy of Passion Week

As believers in Jesus Christ, we often spend this week recalling the events that led to His crucifixion and resurrection. We have a range of emotions as we imagine the stresses, trauma, injustice, sadness, confusion, anger, fear, and ultimate joy that filled Jesus' followers as the week progressed.

But, as this week begins, and before those negative emotions overwhelm, let’s stop and consider one aspect of this tumultuous week.Let’s view this week as the week God’s plan for salvation was set into motion---and, consider the HOPE that developed out of the emotions of this week.

As we think about all the events our dear Savior endured throughout that week, let’s remember He did so in obedience to the plan of His Father for us!

---and above all, remember, Jesus knew that Sunday was a-comin’!

I challenge you to daily read/memorize the verse below as you reflect on this Passion Week. It’s one of my favorites!

Let's remember to be thankful for God’s plan of mercy…




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