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Veteran's Day Interviews with Precious Military Children

~By Sharon Czerwien

Today’s blog post is one of my *favorite* things I have done for this blog! I was privileged to interview military children ranging in ages from 2 to 19.

The responses will make you giggle, smile, and possibly tear up in touching appreciation for what these military children go through—all so that their parents can protect YOU and ME and our great nation.

Sit back and enjoy these precious responses! By the way, here is a big thank you to the military non-profit, Ruck 'N' Run, for the permission to use this photo. The photo was drawn by a special military child, Edmund.

Interview Questions:

-What is/was the neatest part of having a parent in the military?

Anna (2): Um, in the van

Clara (4): I kinda just like his office.

Eddie (5): That Dad works on the base

Corban (6): My dad brought me to see the military working dogs. The dogs would bite people.

James (6): Because he really shoots well, faster than the other guy, in the war. And I also like his uniform.

Asher (7): That he would fight for us because he is brave.

Marianna (8): Traveling to hotels!

Maya (9): Traveling! Hotels! (She went to San Antonio and was able to see peacocks and feed them.)

Edison (10): We can be safer.

Lucas (10): We get to go on a lot of trips.

Edmund (12): Gets enough money to travel places

Seth (14): Being able to go lots of places and seeing cool stuff that I wouldn't be able to otherwise.

Eliza (15): You are able to move around a lot, to get a fresh start, make new friends, and travel the country. Also, we are homeschooled.

Deklan (16): He worked hard for us.

Ethan (17): Getting to travel

Joel (19): Getting to go overseas and seeing things there.

-What is/was the hardest part of having a parent in the military?

Anna (2): Um, he is going.

Clara (4): Nothing, nope, well we just sit and do stuff, then daddy just works, and he likes me.

Eddie (5): It’s really hard that he works all the days. I miss him when he’s gone.

Corban (6): Dad has to work a bunch.

James (6): Because he works with a guy that talks on and on and on. And it’s hard to sit in the car all day when we move.

Asher (7): When he would have to be away for a long time.

Marianna (8): When Papa went by himself for drills!

Maya (9): When Papa went on drills by himself for weeks at a time!

Edison (10): Instructed like a military soldier

Lucas (10): My dad having to deploy ever so often.

Edmund (12): Having to move, and leaving friends behind

Seth (14): Having to leave friends behind when we move

Eliza (15): We move away from good friends. We have to downsize our stuff. Wait at an office while papers are being signed. Father is gone a lot.

Deklan (16): He could have been killed.

Ethan (17): Leaving everyone behind

Joel (19): Moving around a lot and having to say goodbye to friends as we PCSd.

-How has God strengthened you when a parent was out of town? Did you have a favorite Bible verse that helped you?

Anna (2): With Mommy Psalm 96:2 (“Seriously, she learned this one when we were working with Corban,” says mom!)

Clara (4): Be brave, I don’t know.

Eddie (5): John 3:14-19. It means He sent His Son from heaven to die for us. It makes me so happy to learn about God. That Jesus is always with me.

Corban (6): God cares for us. I Peter 1:25

James (6): God gives me strength by the verses we are practicing (Eph. 6:10-18). When we talk about the armor, it makes me believe, like when he (Dad) shoots he shoots a lot faster than the guy shooting at him.

Asher (7): 1 John 1:5 God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.

Marianna (8): “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” We pray for Papa when Papa is not here.

Maya (9): Favorite Bible verse is Psalm 56:3—“When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.”

Edison (10): Looking forward to when Dad comes back

Lucas (10): God helped me not miss my dad as much.

Edmund (12): I learn to protect my family. Romans 12:17-21

Seth (14): I remembered that most likely my dad would return or come back home soon. There were others who took on his role while he was gone and filled some of the void. John 3:16 because it is a reminder of how God loves us and takes care of us.

Eliza (15): My dad was deployed before I was born, and right after I was born. He was gone for an entire summer. It made me realize that you rely on your parents for security; but when they’re gone, you feel like you’re not safe by yourself. God has helped me by: allowing me to give Him my fears and trust that God will protect me. The time where this came into play a lot is when our family lived in DC.

Deklan (16): God gave me my mom to keep me safe. James 1:2 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

Ethan (17): God helped me become more helpful around the house and be more responsible. Joshua 24:15 "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Joel (19): It helped ease me into moving out because I didn't have my dad there all the time. It prepared me some. 2 Corinthians 4:17

-Tell me about your favorite move.

Anna (2): Moving to NM (only one she has done)

Clara (4): Florida, I really like the pool.

Eddie (5): Texas, that I like it’s hot and we get popsicles.

Corban (6): New Mexico!! (giggling) I like cactus.

James (6): Montana, cuz it snows a lot!

Asher (7): No moves yet for me since I was born, but we are moving to Ohio soon.

Edison (10): I liked being born in MO (Missouri).

Lucas (10): When we moved to Spain. In Spain, I was able to go outside and play a lot.

Edmund (12): I don’t like moving.

Seth (14): We went to Spain, and it was a unique place. We got to see lots of different countries in Europe and one in Africa. We saw quite a few historical sites (like castles and Roman ruins).

Eliza (15): Moving to Virginia. It is out in the country. The trees are beautiful, and we have a forest for our backyard.

Deklan (16): When my parents got married and we had to move into a bigger house, the one we live in now.

Ethan (17): Going to Spain. It was very neat to go to a foreign country and experience different cultures.

Joel (19): Moving to Spain because we were able to go overseas which meant lots of adventures.

-How has being a military kid helped you persevere in life?

Corban (6): I am learning to trust God as He takes care of our needs.

Asher (7): Because I want to grow up to be like my dad someday.

Edison (10): It helped me get stronger. I can clean my room better.

Lucas (10): I should continue working even when things are hard.

Edmund (12): Ruck marches get me stronger.

Seth (14): It has helped me learn to adapt quickly.

Eliza (15): Um, not really anything. I can only think of: staying fit.

Deklan (16): It has helped me be more brave.

Ethan (17): I have learned how to make friends anywhere and easier.

Joel (19): It helped me ease myself into a new location because moving around a lot already taught me that.

Generational Career

Joel (19) is now in the military. Like father, like son! This is what Joel has to say:

“I saw how the military is a stable career field, you get a constant paycheck, you get extra benefits that other jobs do not provide you. Plus, you get to see stuff that other people will not have the opportunity to see.”

A Mom’s Perspective

One mother who sent me her kiddos’ answers also shared the following with me.

“I think the hardest for the kids, that I notice, are lost friendships or even no friendships. However, they do keep in touch with a few of their friends. It is also easy to withdraw when you’re the new kid. So unless there is a kid that steps up and tries to include them it is easy to sit off to the side.”

Concluding Thoughts

Military children go through tough bumps along the way. Their above responses (and this mother’s answer) give me specific things I can pray about when it comes to military families.

These children are brave as they support their families when they have a parent serving our great nation.

I hope this post sheds a neat light on these special children and their needs. Military children, YOU are special and appreciated!

With much appreciation,




Debbie Christopher
Debbie Christopher
Nov 11, 2022

A wonderful tribute!

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Nov 12, 2022
Replying to

The kiddos were awesome 🤩

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