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By: Debbie Christopher… At a recent graduation ceremony, the speaker made an interesting statement regarding choices—indeed, an appropriate topic for a graduation!

Our grandson’s principal, Dr. Powers, stated, “The right choice is the best choice, a wrong choice is a bad choice, and…no choice is the worst choice.”

The implications of this statement play right into two previous “Bumps are Okay” blog posts (Sharon’s recent ‘Pivot!!’ and my ‘Shoot the Ball’), so, I would like to take the opportunity to combine these three thoughts in this week’s post. The links to the two previous blog posts are listed below.*

“Shoot the Ball” fits right in with the last phrase of the principal’s quote—no choice is the worst choice. We can agree that not making the choice at all proves to be fruitless and unproductive.

Therefore, we are left with deciding between the ‘right’ choice and the ‘wrong’ choice. This is what brings such stress to new graduates as they begin to make their future plans---or, to any of us who face opportunities for change. Throughout life we desire, and are encouraged, to follow God’s will or leading. We truly want to make that one right choice and are fearful of making the wrong choice.

The struggle is real, is it not?

But, I encourage you to rest easy. As Sharon explained so well in ‘Pivot!!’, there is not necessarily only ONE right choice. She dealt with this worrisome dilemma in such a clear and simple way. Her thoughts fit so well and bear repeating.

Sharon shared that in basketball, if the ball handler’s feet are planted, he/she has the opportunity to evaluate the situation and decide whether to pass or shoot the basketball. In the same way, as we face important life decisions, if our feet are firmly planted in God’s Word, we have numerous options that constitute a right choice---the best choice. But, to remove our pivot foot before acting brings a penalty. In the same way, not having our feet firmly planted in God’s word when we act on a decision leads to a a penalty—-and its consequences—-thus, resulting in the wrong choice.

Knowing and following God’s will, or leading, must begin by reading and studying God’s Word regularly.

Simply put, how can one know God’s will without reading His directions?

The right choice is the best choice. This requires that we have our pivot foot firmly planted in God’s Word. Depending on our circumstances, interests, and skills, we are free to choose whether to pass or shoot.

The wrong choice becomes a bad choice when we decide to make an important decision outside the parameters of God’s Word.

And, yes, no choice at all is the worst choice. 2 Timothy 1:7 reassures us that we don’t need to fear…including the fear of making choices. God gives us the power to make wise decisions. So pass or shoot…without lifting that pivot foot!

Keep that pivot foot firmly planted!


Here’s a verse for your pivot foot!

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