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FOUR Hours!?

“We were there FOUR hours?" my friend, Becky, replied on our social media post regarding a recent lunch date between 3 'old' friends.

Here's what had happened. Through a God-orchestrated string of events and through a mutual friend, my college, roommate, Debbie, and I were able to meet up after 45 years! It began with a loud squeal and a long hug just as church service was getting underway on Sunday morning~~yes, I know we distracted those nearby! We agreed to met for lunch the next day.

That lunch rendezvous turned into a four hour reunion. Although Becky and I see each other regularly, we had never had the opportunity to share events from our younger days. So, between the three of us, we shared stories, blessings, and heartaches--bumps--that had taken place over the past 45 years.

That, my friends is more than a decade per hour!

Needless to say, there were watery eyes and a lot of laughter. What blessed my heart the most was that even as I drove home and planned out what I knew would become an upcoming blog post, I recognized what had become obvious throughout our sharing. The theme of the past 45 years had been God's faithfulness.

God had indeed been good, gracious, kind, and loving...

He provided, guided, and carried...

He knew what He was doing all along and was totally in control of each circumstance.

This verse came to mind as I considered the goodness of our great God...

Indeed, God proves Himself faithful,


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1 Comment

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Mar 12, 2022


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