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Merry Photosynthesis?

~By Debbie Christopher Ok, hang on tight! As you can tell from the title, this will take your brain for a ride!

But, I trust it is a joyful ride that will make you smile and see your Christmas tree in a whole new light. After all, isn’t the Christmas tree a staple of our Christmas celebrations? Does it not bring joy as we celebrate the birth of our Savior? Haven’t you been asked when you put up your tree?

My husband is a middle school Science teacher, and, yes, I stole his thoughts to develop this blog post. So, let’s head back to 7th grade and recall everything you learned about photosynthesis…well, at least try!

His Christmas bulletin board included the chemical equation for photosynthesis and a picture of the sun and a Christmas tree.

According to his curriculum material, “photosynthesis is the chemical reaction a plant carries out in order to produce energy from sunlight.” The three elements included in the equation—carbon dioxide, water, light energy (sunlight)—are what produce the glucose that generates life in the plant and allows it to grow.

Simply put, without the sun, the traditional Christmas tree (the real one, folks) would not exist.

According to (see below), when Martin Luther first used the lighted evergreen tree as part of the observation of the Christmas season, many debunked the idea due to the historical aspect of evergreens being offered to the sun-gods in an effort to restore their health and recover from winter illnesses. However, as we conclude this quick study, I trust we can see the Christmas tree in a new light and appreciate it even more.

Scientifically, the sun produces life for the plant world; but let’s also consider that the SON produces life for mankind.

“…but, I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.”

‭‭John‬ ‭10:10‬b HCSB‬‬

Enjoy your Christmas tree…its life came from the sun created by the SON whose birth we celebrate during the Christmas season…the SON that gives us life as believers and followers of Christ, and can produce life in all.

Without the sun, trees would not exist…and, without the SON, there is no need for the Christmas tree to exist.

Since the Christmas tree brings us so much joy during the Christmas season, it can be said that both the sun and the SON produce life….and joy!

Merry Photosynthesis…and

Merry Christmas!


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Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien

Yes, Merry Photosynthesis! ❤

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