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One Song...Two Blessings

~By Debbie Christopher~ I’m not going to mention any names, but there are a couple of states we’ve traveled through frequently over the past couple of years that can best be described by their bumpy roads!

I admit, I complained quite a bit. I couldn’t fall off to sleep for a quick snooze, I could feel my back getting sore, and I even worried about vehicle damage. It was always a relief to enter a neighboring state with better roads and let out a sigh of relief…AAH!

One’s journey through a bumpy stretch of life can be similar. Our story has similarities as well…and the sigh of relief when we entered a smoother stretch of ‘highway’ was no different….AAH!

“Yes, I Will” by Vertical Worship became my go to song. I remember the first time we sang it at church, and I was convicted by the words. I grabbed the back of the pew, put my foot down with determination, and sang boldly as I proclaimed, “And I choose to praise…to glorify, glorify the Name above all Names…”

As often happens, songs go by the wayside, and it had been quite a while since we had sung it. In the meantime, our stretch on the bumpy journey had become smoother---He had worked ‘all things out‘. I had ‘forgotten’ about this particular song.

Then…one recent Sunday…we sang it again…

This time, I cried.

He didn’t fail in the waiting…

He did work all things out… He had been doing so all along.

This song that had led me through bumpy circumstances now filled my heart with praise and thanksgiving as I recalled His faithfulness…AAH!

Lift Him High, bless His name, and sing for joy!


Here is a link to Yes, I Will…

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Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
2021년 11월 07일

Yes, great song indeed!!

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