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…the Moment

...the Moment ~by Debbie Christopher

Take a Biblical principle, a quote from Yoda, a theme from a baseball book, and a statement from a 9 year old...and discover a common theme…

The moment….

What can we learn about living in the moment from these sources?

Our 9 year-old grandson’s statement while the family was going through a ‘bumpy’ moment seems to sum it up best.

He and his family had experienced numerous cancellations and delays as they set out on their journey home from visiting Grandma (me!), Papi, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Emily, and the cousins. As they sat at the airport to finally depart for home after the initial cancellation, additional cancellations and delays popped up….AND, while dad was making new arrangements---for a second time, they experienced additional chaos when the pipes at the airport burst due to the extremely cold weather. According to Sharon, it was one of those situations that could only leave you laughing--- because crying would do no good!

They were able to retrieve their luggage from the cancellation, and arrangements were made by the airline as to their hotel stay for the next two nights.

When they arrived at the hotel, the kiddos were impressed with such a fancy hotel and, according to Sharon, our 9y/o grandson excitedly blurted out, "Yoda says we should live in the moment!" [Please NOTE that this is the same grandson that prompted my 'A Good Day is a Good Day' blog post a couple of years ago...]

And, yes, as mom and dad smiled at his sweet comment, they quickly reassured him that the Bible teaches the same basic principle.

When Sharon shared this ‘event’ with me, the conversation struck me, and I, too, smiled and appreciated the ‘good words.’ I included the scene in the Monthly Motivation and the January Notes sections of my planner. I also looked up Yoda's quote, and in essence, it truly matched Biblical principles regarding enjoying each day that God gives us.

During this same period of time, I had begun reading *A Year of Playing Catch, by Ethan Bryan, a local author who had recently spoken at a monthly networking luncheon. The book was writtern in such a way that each chapter contains hidden benefits of playing catch. Hints are included throughout each chapter, and I was really enjoying ‘the search'. As I read through Chapter Five, I quickly recognized the theme of the chapter….Yep….the hidden theme of chapter 5 is that playing catch helps you live in the moment…that every moment matters….to live fully-every day—every moment—regardless. Another ‘live in the moment' reminder in the same month.  

All of these statements lead to the same principle…trust God and make the most of every moment---regardless!

Let’s learn from it, laugh at it, grow from it, share it with others…and give God the glory for it!


..."give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.“

‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5‬:‭18‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Live in the moment ... ~Debbie

*Ethan D. Bryan, A Year of Playing Catch, Grand Rapids: Zondervan Books, 2020.

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I like the quote, "Let's learn from it, laugh at it, grow from it, share it with others... and give God the glory from it."

Me gusta
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