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A Mess-Up at the Gas Station!

~By Sharon Czerwien

I needed gas in our minivan last week. I was by myself, and an errand did not work out. So, I went ahead and stopped at a gas station instead. I went to the one that I normally do not go to, as it is more expensive AND I do not like their gas pumps.

I quickly outweighed the pros and cons of driving into that particular gas station. Safety won out, though. It was getting dark; so I decided to go to this close one.

Since I have been pumping gas for 20+ years, I just went through the motions. I entered my payment information and my phone number for the rewards points. I accepted the $0.30 off per gallon. Then, I accidentally pushed the higher octane than what I intended.

I tried everything that I could to cancel what I did. EVERYTHING. My card was locked in the payment spot. I pushed the “call attendant” button a few times. By this time, it was dark. So much for safety, right!?

Oh, what drama. At this gas station, of course something would go wrong, I thought to myself.

I could see inside the gas station. The worker was talking and talking and talking (you get the point) to another man inside. So, I knew I would need to go inside and ask for help.

After I went in, the worker was quick to help. He went outside with me and canceled everything and easily removed my card. He told me it was best to go in and prepay for my gas to make sure my rewards points were still available.

On our way back in, I made small talk. I told the worker how I appreciated his help and that I sure had butchered something in this process. Without any hesitation, he said, “Ah, don’t worry about it. We’re human. As a result, we all make mistakes!”

This ultra-brief conversation has stuck with me all week. My situation was no bother to that worker…not in the least! Though he did not answer that “call for help” in my desired timing, he freely offered patient assistance when the timing was right.

An Example in Psalms 42

This above story reminds me of Psalm 42. (My Bible’s heading says that this Psalm is written by the sons of Korah.)

This chapter uses the analogy of a deer desiring water. Like that deer, the Psalmist proclaims how our very soul should thirst for God…the living God (42:1-2)!

Fast forward a few verses, and the Psalmist asked why God had forgotten him. Enemies surrounded the Psalmist; he was being oppressed (42:9). Did God REALLY forget him??? (No) God was working in His timing, not the Psalmist’s timing (not in our timing either!).

God was aware of what was taking place. He knows what we need, too. He will give us help. (The Psalms are filled with such promises!!!!)

The writer of Psalm 42 ends with his second proclamation about his true Hope in God. He was willing to praise God at the end of the chapter. He even proclaimed that God was his help (42:11).

May we be encouraged that God will not leave us in our helpless state. Sure, His timetable for relief may not be in line with our timetable, BUT the Bible clearly teaches He is our helper.

I have used the following passage in at least two other blogs. It is clear and to-the-point; so I desire to use it here, as well.

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength (Isaiah 40:28-29, NKJV).

Together, let’s breathe a little easier,



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