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Chicken Lesson

~by Debbie Christopher

Many years ago I came across a book about animals used in Scripture. I forgot the title, but I used it as a guide to develop a farm-based VBS series. I don't recall chickens being on the list, but recently I heard a story about chickens that can, indeed, lead us through a hard to swallow Bible based principle.

I was recently a guest at a children's science lesson about raising chickens. I found it very interesting as I followed along. Part way through the lesson, the teacher, Briana Parks (see website below), shared a story that made me immediately think, "Blog post!!"

Chickens cannot see in the dark, thus feel uncomfortable in the dark. BUT...the safest place for chickens at night is in the safe confines of their dark henhouse. This set the stage for a most interesting night for the chickens, and their owners.

This particular flock regularly managed to sneak out and sleep on top of their henhouse where they could get a glimpse of the owner's porch light, but, on this particular night, the raccoons decided to show up. You can imagine the ruckus that ensued! The owner had to come up with a plan to get the chickens to rest in their safe place, even if they were restless and uncomfortable. Maybe, you, like me on the day of the lesson, automatically recognized a biblical application as the story developed. Sometimes the safest place to be makes us restless and uncomfortable, and we desire to sneak out and see some 'light'!

Our Heavenly Father, our Creator, has designed a plan for our true safety, rest, and comfort. That's where we should remain during times of darkness and uncertainty.

Sometimes, what we see as a scary situation is actually the safest place in which we can find ourselves. Let's learn to spend these times knowing and trusting that the plan of our Heavenly Father is truly what is best for us. Light will come in the morning, and we will be safe from any raccoon ruckus during the night!

Roost peacefully!


And, thank you to Briana’s chickens for gracing us with your presence!


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Very timely. We're going through a transition that is difficult for our daughter. It's hard when the path turns and one can't see what is around the bend. Will be sharing this with her as I'm sure she will agree that we don't need any racoon ruckus! Thank you for sharing with us!

Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Jul 13, 2021
Replying to

I just prayed for you and your sweet daughter! ❤


Sharon Czerwien
Sharon Czerwien
Jul 11, 2021

Yes, very interesting indeed!

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