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Mom's ‘Dash’

Mom’s ‘Dash’ (-)...A Tribute to Mom and Grandma

My sweet momma’s dash rests between 1935-2021. ... my mom…Sharon’s Grandma!

Mom’s 'dash’ began in Paducah, Ky, led her to Louisville, and eventually to a wedding on December 30, 1956! I became part of that dash in the Fall of 1957…and, oh, what a ‘dash’ it has been!

This ‘dash’ continued as a military family and all the adventures that that held. Mom had a special knack of making each move an adventure. She diligently planned trips and activities that allowed my brother and me to explore and appreciate each place. Even our overseas journey to Okinawa, that scared her to death, became a wonderful adventure for our family. When it came time for us to join dad there, she traveled halfway around the world with two kiddos in tow. I recall my Granddaddy telling me (as a 12 year old) just before we boarded that first plane, “Now, if your mom faints, grab her purse!” What memories!

During my teen years her ‘dash’ supported and encouraged me. I remember her being so mad at Greg (now my husband) when we had a temporary break up while we were dating! Then, she welcomed him back almost as joyfully as I did.

I remember her and dad driving and leading the caravan that took three of my friends, Greg, and me from El Paso to Springfield for college in 1976. Yes, she was always loving on and helping others throughout her ‘dash’.

I also remember a time when mom packed up a green suitcase full of some of my clothes to give to a missionary family with a girl my age. Lo, and behold, back in the early 2000s, a friend shared a story of her life as a Missionary Kid, and told about how excited she was to receive a green suitcase full of clothes! Yes, mom’s ‘dash’ spread worldwide. She and dad were always serving others at church behind the scene. They were great greeters and always ‘worked’ at the welcome table.

Her ‘dash’ lovingly made my wedding dress and helped plan my wedding to the guy she loved as much as I did! Her ‘dash’ loved and supported him through his years of school and ministry that took us to northern Indiana, Dallas/Grand Prairie/Arlington, and eventually back to Springfield.

Her ‘dash’ included loving on 4 grandchildren...and eventually 7 great grandchildren. She drove to northern Indiana in the snow…by herself…to be there when grandchild #1 added to her ‘dash’. At this point, their trips were no longer to see us, but to see those grandkids...and those great grandchildren! She never had the chance to personally see the youngest two, but she loved pictures and stories! Her ‘dash’ was blessed!

Her ‘dash’ cared for and loved on our dad who struggled with Alzheimer’s for the last few years of his life. That ‘dash’ included 61 years of marriage. Indeed, her ‘dash’ was his ‘dash’…..and such a blessed part of mine!

As her ‘dash’ came to an end, the staff of her senior care facility shared their stories of how “Miss Margeret” was such a sweet lady!

My brother and I, as well as our families, truly love and appreciate the two great ‘dashes’ that have influenced all of our lives.

I encourage each of us…and each of make the most of your (-)!

Sharon will be adding a couple of ‘dash’ memories just below...of mom as grandma.

And, please, if you knew her, fill free to add a ‘dash’ memory in the comment section below.



Our family always lived many states away from my grandparents, but I always enjoyed our trips to see them in Florida and Kentucky. Funnily enough, out of all the things that FL had to offer, my fondest memories were sitting in the front seat of the car, squished between my two grandparents. My grandma would always remind my grandpa to watch his speed and check his turn signal, and I would internally giggle. The car rides were the most enjoyable, though.

My grandma was easy to talk to. We never seemed to get the chance to talk much on the phone while I was growing up (there was no video chatting in my childhood!), and we did not see each other often because how far apart we lived. Yet, when we were in person, she was pleasant to talk to. She showed support and interest in my endeavors. I knew I was important to her.

I am mostly thankful that she had such a spiritual role in my mom's life, which then impacted me. God has been important to our family for many generations...and it is a testament to my grandma's faith.



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